Anniversaries are an exciting time in a couple’s life. It doesn’t matter if it’s their first year of wedded bliss or their 40th – an anniversary is a moment for friends and family to gather to celebrate the loving couple.

When a couple hits a milestone in their marriage, a special gift accompanies the year that they’ve reached. Each theme is deeply rooted in tradition – for instance, the first year anniversary gift is paper, a tradition that dates back to the Victorian Era, symbolic of a blank slate the couple has to fill with cherished memories. Here are some of the other traditional themes for anniversaries:

  • 1 Year – Paper
  • 2 Years – Cotton
  • 3 Years – Leather
  • 4 Years – Fruit
  • 5 Years – Wood
  • 10 Years – Tin
  • 15 Years – Crystal
  • 20 Years – China
  • 25 Years – Silver
  • 30 Years – Pearl
  • 40 Years – Ruby
  • 50 Years – Gold

These themes can when organizing a party, decorating a venue, or purchasing a gift for the couple being celebrated!

Typically the children of the couple being celebrated organize the anniversary party. If the couple doesn’t have children, a relative or close friend may set up the party. In some cases, the couple themselves will organize the celebration. Whoever is in charge of orchestrating the party will decide the theme, date and time, and of course, the venue!

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