Welcoming a baby into the world is a very joyous moments for soon-to-be-parents. Before the baby arrives, many parents choose to have a baby shower, in which they celebrate with friends and family and receive gifts that prepare them to welcome their newborn.

  • Who Hosts? A mother-to-be does not host her own shower. Instead, a friend or close relative, such as a sister, mother-in-law, or the guest-of-honor’s mother organizes the event.
  • Who Is Invited? Traditionally, men are not invited to baby showers, as these events were meant to focus on motherhood and the unity of women. Today, though, that tradition has been pushed aside, and many men attend baby showers.
  • When Are They Held? Baby showers are typically help 4-6 weeks before the due date. In some cultures, baby showers are held after the child is born, as it is believed to be bad luck to receive baby gifts prior to the birth.
  • Are Gifts Involved? It has become customary to give a gift at baby showers. Typically, the parents-to-be will create a registry of items they need and/or want for their newborn. In addition, guests usually bring a small token with them, like a rattle or wash cloth, to place in a basket, similar to a wishing well at a bridal shower.

Typically, expecting mothers receive a baby shower for their first child. When children come along after that, it is not customary to host another shower, but many people choose to have “sprinkles.” These smaller gatherings are similar to showers, and are meant to provide the expecting party with updated baby items – for example, if they had a baby boy the first time and are now expecting a girl, a sprinkle could be held to give the mother a start with female-oriented clothing.

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