Bar/Bat Mitzvahs are a special time for those of Jewish faith to celebrate their devotion to their religion. “Bar” is the Jewish word for son, while “bat” is the Jewish word for daughter. “Mitzvah” means commandment or law. Bar/Bat Mitzvahs are a celebration of the Jewish “sons and daughters of the commandments.”

Within Jewish law, thirteen-year-old boys and girls are no longer considered minors and are viewed as responsible adults capable of fulfilling all of the commandments laid out in the Torah. Following the special ceremony outlined by the Jewish faith, a celebration feast and festive dancing takes place!

During the celebration, a number of customs are observed, like:

    • A Mitzvah speech. It is customary for the young boy or girl being celebrated to prepare a speech to deliver during their party. The speech can include portions of the Torah that speak specifically to them as an individual and serve as the perfect time to thank their parents, friends, and family for all of their love and support.
    • The giving of gifts. Traditionally, gifts that hold religious or educational value are given to the celebrant. Often, gift certificates or money are given at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs as well.
    • A candle lighting ceremony. The bar or bat mitzvah child lights a series of candles, each one representative of a friend, family member, or loved one who has passed before them.

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