A birthday party is a special occasion. Did you know that birthday’s are the number-one occasion people celebrate out-and-about? No longer are people orchestrating parties in their homes – birthday parties have become a reason to throw a bash! Whether you’re celebrating a child’s Sweet 16 or a loved one’s milestone birthday, you’ll need the following to make the event a hit:

  • Theme: No matter whose birthday you’re celebrating, a theme is a must-have! A theme determines the rest of the party details, including how the invitations will look, what type of decor to use, and the entertainment that is provided. A theme can also help in choosing what types of food and cake that should be served.
  • Decorations: Once you’ve decided on a theme, finding the decorations to take your party to the next level is easy! Think of the space you’re hosing the party in. Can you hang accent lights and banners? Where can you display balloons? Are there going to be party favors? If so, where can they be set out? When you have the right theme picked out, decorating for a birthday party is almost as fun as the actual party.
  • Guest List/Invitations: When you consider the guest list for a birthday party, it’s important to think about your budget, the size of the venue you’ll be hosting the party in, and of course, who the guest of honor would want present. From there, make a list that includes close friends, family, and loved ones. Once you have your guest list together, invitations should go out informing guests of the date, time, and location of the party. Always send invitations at 2-3 weeks in advance to give your guests enough time to RSVP.
  • Entertainment: If you’re throwing a bash, entertainment is a must have. Most often, people hire DJs to play music and entertain guests during birthday parties for people of all ages. Other entertainment ideas include clowns, magicians, dance troupes, and even bands. Remember to consider your theme, as well as things the guest of honor enjoys, when considering entertainment for a birthday party.

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