Bridal showers are all about gathering the guest of honor, her closest family and friends in one place to celebrate bride-to-be. It is a custom that started in the 1890s as a way to provide goods and financial help to the bride and groom as insurance that the wedding would happen. Today, bridal showers are more about gift giving and enjoying the day together.

  • Who Hosts? Tradition says that the bride, nor her immediate relatives (including her mother, future mother-in-law, or sister) should not host the bridal shower. Though it has become more accepted that the family host the shower, traditionally it falls on the bridesmaids to put everything together.
  • Who Is Invited? Traditionally, men are not invited to bridal showers, as these events are meant to focus on sisterhood. Today, though, that tradition has been pushed aside, and many men show up towards the end of the gathering to help the bride bring home all of the gifts.
  • When Are They Held? A date should be chosen far enough in advance so that the wedding VIPS (the maid of honor, bridesmaids, and family) can rearrange their schedules as needed. While it’s not likely that everyone will make it, you can plan for a date that most people can make it.

Aside from the guests, the gifts, and the food, there are two very important traditions that should be part of every bridal shower:

  • The wishing well. This is a small vessel guests fill with small, inexpensive kitchen supplies or household gifts. Traditionally, the wishing well is made of a large cardboard box that is decorated with wrapping paper, but it is more common for the wishing well to be an item that can be used again later, like a hamper or a decorative basket.
  • The bonnet. The maid of honor takes on the role of bonnet-maker at the bridal shower. Using a paper plate, scissors, and tape, the goal is to take all of the ribbon and other gift decor to create a hat for the bride to wear! This makes for some silly pictures, and can serve as a stand-in floral bouquet during the rehearsal.

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