Quinceaneras celebrate the life of a young a young girl on her 15th birthday, recognizing her journey from childhood into maturity. Many families with Hispanic-American heritage celebrate quinceaneras by participating in a religious ceremony and elaborate reception with food, dancing, friends, and family.

  • The Court of Honor. It is tradition that the celebration feature a choreographed waltz danced by the Quinceanera and her court. This court consists of the Quinceanera’s closest friends, brothers, sisters, cousins, and other important people in her life. These special people receive small tokens of appreciation, called c├ípias, for being in the Court of Honor.
  • The Dress. Traditionally, the Quinceanera wears a ball gown and her court dresses in elaborate dresses and tuxedos. Everyone in attendance dresses in formal attire.
  • The Gifts. To celebrate this momentous occasion, it is customary for the Quinceanera to receive a tiara, a cross, a bible or prayer book, or a rosary on her special day.
  • The Changing of the Shoes. This tradition is part of almost every Quinceanera celebration and requires the father or prominent male figure to ceremoniously change their daughter’s flat shoes to high heels. This is a symbol of the girl’s transformation into womanhood, and a special bonding moment for father and daughter.

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